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Were you arrested and charged with a criminal offense in the Pompano Beach area? 

Presser Law Offices practices Criminal Law defending individuals charged with criminal acts in Pompano Beach, Florida (see "Practice Areas" section below). We are very knowledgeable regarding the legal options available to you under the Florida Criminal Code. Our law firm is motivated and dedicated to finding a positive resolution to every criminal case we are involved with, whether it involves a felony charge or that of a misdemeanor. As a criminal attorney, Shlomi Presser is a well seasoned legal practitioner having handled over 3000 criminal cases throughout the years. Our law office is able to provide legal representation for individuals in criminal cases throughout the Pompano Beach area.

Free Consultations Provided in Protection of Your Legal Rights

Our law firm provides free criminal defense consultations and we are highly dedicated to giving each and every one of our Pompano Beach clients the very best legal representation that we can provide throughout the legal process. If you have been charged with a criminal act, then you need an attorney that will fight for your legal rights aggressively and professionally. Criminal attorney, Shlomi Presser, will fight for your legal rights long after other attorneys would have given up hope. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence regarding the legal representation of our clients. 

Experienced and  Knowledgeable Criminal Law Attorney

At Presser Law Offices, we conduct thorough investigations and analysis of every aspect of your criminal case and keep you advised of the different legal options that are available to you based on our findings. We are dedicated to providing you with the best legal representation possible and we will protect your rights against your accusers. Regardless of the type of criminal case that you find yourself faced with in Pompano Beach, you need a criminal attorney that is highly experienced and one who will fight for you every step of the way. Criminal Law can be a bit overwhelming and quite complex to the average layperson, so it is extremely important that you retain a criminal attorney that fully understands today's laws and rules of procedure in the handling of your criminal case. Shlomi Presser, Esq. has the Criminal Law knowledge and experience needed in defending you.

Quality Legal Representation In Pompano Beach Criminal Cases

For questions regarding our Criminal Law practice or those questions regarding the hiring of a criminal attorney in Pompano Beach, please either call us at 954-764-1080 or review our "FAQ Section" by clicking here. Our law firm stands ready to serve your legal needs. We are prepared to fight to protect your legal rights and to resolve your criminal case as expeditiously as possible. We care about and are concerned for each and every client that we represent in criminal matters and will do everything possible in your defense to achieve a positive outcome on your behalf.

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Shlomi Presser, Esquire

Pompano Beach Criminal Attorney Practicing in the Areas of:

Aggravated Battery Habitual Offenders Restraining Orders
Appeals Hate Crimes Robbery
Assault & Battery Hit & Run Sealing/Expungements
Arson Internet Crimes Sex Crimes
Bench Warrants Juvenile Crimes Suspended License
Burglary Kidnapping Traffic Offenses
DUI Manslaughter Violent Crimes
Drug Cases Murder Weapons Charges
Domestic Violence Petit/Grand Theft White Collar Crimes
Federal Crimes Probation Violation

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